John Saint Ryan is available to come to your facility to teach and help develop your skills.

John is unlike many established Clinicians who are happy to work at the level they have achieved. John continues to strive for a better way of communicating with both the horse and rider and as such spends a great deal of time himself in the study of advanced horsemanship. He currently attends seminars and takes private lessons with Rodrigo da Costa Matos, Senior Rider with the Escola Portuguesade Arte Equestre and Resident Director of Morgado Lusitano in Portugal.



Hosting a John Saint Ryan clinic is a wonderful way to introduce others to Johnsí skills & experience as a teacher/trainer & rider.

His ability to help other riders & their horses has been honed over several decades.

His teachings include work from his studies with Tom Dorrance & Classical Masters, together with his academic studies through the International Society for Equitation Science.

Johnsí clinics are open to horses & riders from all breeds & disciplines.

If you are interested in hosting a John Saint Ryan clinic within California, here are the steps to follow:

1.  Contact us by email:

2.  Request a date for your clinic & to discuss the type of clinic you prefer.  Required minimum is 10 people.

3.  A tentative date will then be arranged. No definite commitment will be made until the clinic is filled & all deposits collected

4.  As soon as your clinic is full, we will consider the clinic date official.

        Fees: Participant / Rider fee is $100 per day.

        Auditor fees are $40 per day / $25 part-of.

Host Responsibilities and Recommendations:

Promote the clinic locally and regionally by distributing flyers, placing ads, etc. (John Saint Ryan Horsemanship will provide a clinic flyer to be distributed, and will advertise via our website, e-newsletters and social media sites.)

                        Collect a 50% non-refundable deposit for each rider when they register for the clinic . Balance must be paid 1 week prior to the clinic

                        Distribute & collect registration & release forms

                        Arrange for morning coffee / juice / snacks, bottled water throughout each day, & lunch (this can be as simple as you directing participants to local restaurants or having food available for purchase).

                        Coordinate stalling  & facility fees if required.

                        Direct participants & auditors to parking, stalling, arena areas, etc

                        Provide a paddock or stalling for JSR horses, when necessary.
Pens or corrals for Johnís horses must be provided for up to 2 horses. These pens should be clean and safe with water available. Johnsí horses can go in one large pen or pasture; specifics can be discussed and arranged.


                        Host benefits:

                        Clinic host / coordinator will receive one complimentary

                        rider place in the clinic, to be used at their discretion.

                         Promotion of your facility.

                        Stall  & facility fees, including snacks & beverage sales.

                        25% of auditor fees collected.


                Facility requirements:

                        Arena: We need a large enough area for the horses & riders to move around safely, preferably a covered arena If the host does not have a covered arena, it is their responsibility to have an alternative venue with such in case of inclement weather.

                         Parking for trucks, trailers & auditor vehicles

                   Stalls or paddocks available

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...Being able to read the emotions of both (horse and rider) and encouraging them to proceed at a pace not so slow as to be boring, but not so quick as to scare both parties concerned is a delicate process. To let someone guide you there takes faith. I have complete faith in John Saint Ryan and his love for people and for horses." - Laurie


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