John Saint Ryan is available to come to your facility to teach and help develop your skills.

John is unlike many established Clinicians who are happy to work at the level they have achieved. John continues to strive for a better way of communicating with both the horse and rider and as such spends a great deal of time himself in the study of advanced horsemanship. He currently attends seminars and takes private lessons with Rodrigo da Costa Matos, Senior Rider with the Escola Portuguesade Arte Equestre and Resident Director of Morgado Lusitano in Portugal.



Send an email to dragon@johnsaintryan.com with your requested dates for a clinic. We will check John's calendar for availability then get back to you with a date.

Clinic Sponsor can choose any combination of the classes.  If there is no Colt Starting Class the Sponsor may open up the afternoons for Private Lessons.

Maximum class size is 15 for the Horsemanship classes and 10 riders for the Colt Starting, including the sponsor.

Colt Starting Classes
This class is for all green/unstarted horses. The owner or rider must be prepared to work and ride in a group situation otherwise it would be better to book in on a Private Lesson. John will explain the steps to take and show you how to set up your horse for success and with minimum trauma or trouble.  Much of this work will lay the foundation upon which your horsesí career rests. A secure round corral or small arena is required. Cost $300 total for 2 days.  10 colts maximum.

Horsemanship 1
This class is for novice riders and/or beginner horses. Participants should be able to control their horse in a group situation at walk, trot and canter. The central philosophy of Feel, Timing and Balance will be explained using school exercises to develop the connection between you and your horse.  There will also be time for a questions and answer session mid-way through the class. Cost $200/person, per day. 10 riders minimum.

Horsemanship 2
This class is for more advanced riders and their horses. The class participants will have the opportunity to try and practice various exercises taken from the truly classical way and make sense of why they would be of value to the rider and the horse. Incorporated into this will be the philosophy of how we should present these movements and exercises to the horse without force and in the true spirit of good horsemanship.  Again John will invite questions from the group in an effort to de-mystify what may at first seem too 'difficult' or 'complex'.  Cost $200 per person, per day. 10 riders minimum. 

General Horsemanship
This class is designed to help sponsors in their first time effort to host a clinic.  It is 2 days in total and participants will be helped to develop a clearer understanding with their equine partner through school exercises which will be designed on the day dependent on the abilities of the riders taking part. At all times John will try to challenge your skills by encouraging you and opening up new ideas and ways to develop your communication with a view to helping your horse become healthier and stronger physically while at the same time building confidence in both you and your horse so that you can become more 'together'.

Cost $300 per person in total for both days. 10 riders minimum 


A minimum of 10 riders, each must mail in a $200 deposit to the Sponsor at least 30 days in advance of the clinic for the clinic to be held as scheduled. If the minimum number of deposits have not been collected 30 days prior to the clinic, the clinic may be cancelled and the deposits returned. Deposits are otherwise non-refundable except in extreme circumstances.

When the clinic minimum is met the Sponsor then receives a free spot in the clinic, Sponsor agrees to accept full responsibility to fill the clinic. Sponsor must inform participants of all additional fees (cattle, arena fees, stalls, etc.) prior to them booking in the clinic. Payment for any additional fees must be paid directly to the sponsor. 

Length of Clinic 
Most Clinics will be over a 2-day period. The specific classes will be approx. three hours each day, dependent on what the sponsor/clinic host prefers. Starting times are 9am to noon.   Lunch break followed by the afternoon session 1.30 to 4.30.

Clinic Sponsor agrees to accept full responsibility to fill the clinic by contacting potential students, responding to student booking inquires, and advertising in local publications, on the radio and posting promotional material around their area. 

We will help to promote clinics by providing promotional information to sponsors for advertising. Clinics are posted on the website (john@johnsaintryan.com) when dates have been confirmed, and email announcements will be sent out to his mailing list.

Sponsors are required to collect all spectator fees each day and to make sure all waivers/releases (downloaded off the website) are signed by each participant. Checks should be made out to John Saint Ryan

Demonstrations or Problem horses- must be discussed in advance and appropriate time allowed so it will not interfere with other classes. For the most part it is better to schedule these horses in a Private lesson.

A clinic will not begin until all participant fees and signed waivers/ releases are received. Spectator fee for all clinics are $25; clinic riders can watch other classes/lessons free.

If you have any other areas of interest not listed as a class please let us know. John is open to advising and helping riders from many different disciplines. 

Pens or corrals for Johnís horses must be provided for up to 2 horses. These pens should be clean and safe with water available. Johnsí horses can go in one large pen or pasture; specifics can be discussed and arranged.


...Being able to read the emotions of both (horse and rider) and encouraging them to proceed at a pace not so slow as to be boring, but not so quick as to scare both parties concerned is a delicate process. To let someone guide you there takes faith. I have complete faith in John Saint Ryan and his love for people and for horses." - Laurie


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