The Art of the Garrocha DVD

The Art of the Garrocha DVD

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For the first time, the traditional Art of the Garrocha is completely explained and demonstrated by John Saint Ryan in a step by step process. Now you can work in your own time with the traditional method John teaches at his Clinics. This DVD will teach you how to develop the skills necessary to practice this wonderful art of horsemanship as originally taught to John by such experts as Jose Manuel Martin de Leon.

This DVD, for Beginner to Intermediate, includes:

Exhibition Highlights from the National Championships.

A brief history of the Garrocha

Exercises on Horseback with and without the Garrocha

How to introduce the Garrocha to your horse safely.

The Basic exercises at the walk and trot.

The intermediate exercises at the Gallop


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DVD Reviews:

The fine art of the Garrocha has finally been revealed to us all who live with horses in America. The history is thorough and interesting.  In all aspects from the beginning to the end of this beautifully produced DVD John Saint Ryan demonstrates a logical sequence of progression. Thank you John for producing the first DVD of this kind of horsemanship skill to America. We hope that all horsemen will revere this skill and learn it easily by following it along. The best that could happen is that this DVD will popularize the Garrocha into many exhibitions across our land, as well as internationally.

Graham & Lanys Kaye-Eddie
Foundation for the Pure Spanish Horse


This DVD is one of the most well-organized and thoughtfully prepared horsemanship tutorials that I have found. The sections on history of the Garrocha are good introductions and the Exhibition footage is truly inspirational!

One realizes while watching this DVD that workign with the Garrocha is not just for one discipline of riding. The principles and exercises presentted here can help with improving balance, refining the aids and achieving better communication with yoru horse no matter what style of riding you do. John Saint Ryan thoughtfully includes different breeds and training levels to empasize this point. Many instructional DVDs show only the perfected footage of the horse. I found the inclusion of less confident horses and potential challenges that can arise very refreshing, as it let's the rider get a look at how to safely handle a real-life situation.

Katy Sommers DVM


DVD Reviews from a m a z on .com

Wonderful DVD! If you have ever wanted to incorporate the Garrocha into your riding routines, then this DVD is for you. John is a master Horseman with an incredible way with horses. He is also a very gifted teacher when it comes to humans. He has the ability to break down complex subjects into clear and concise components. He starts with the most basic components and slowly adds more until the whole picture is clear and understandable. This DVD presents lessons for both you and your horse. From selecting the right Garrocha, to learning how to handle the Garrocha without your horse, to introducing the Garrocha to your horse, and then on to work in the saddle. If you follow the lessons, you and your horse will feel comfortable and confident performing your routines with the Garrocha. To see how beautiful this can be, check out the YouTube video of John in Las Vegas. Search for John Saint Ryan Garrocha. Simply stunning!!! 

Thanks John, I have recently become interested in this beautiful dance of horse and rider. I was a successful professional horsewoman for many years, now retired( and at nearly seventy) and quite a few years out of the business, I am back now with renewed enthusiasm of learning this dance that is just for me and my wonderful gelding. Johns dvd is absolutely a wonderful start for me in this art. He explains the art and equipment in such a wonderful, easy to understand way. I look forward to watching this wonderful demonstration and step by step instruction DVD over and over. Thank you John. 

Amazing what you can achieve with good step by step instructions..This is a wonderful DVD. If you and your horse have not worked with the Garrocha Pole, I would highly recommend it. I had watched Garrocha performances at shows and always thought it was beyond what I could do with my horse. But this DVD shows you how to get there from the beginning, starting with ground work to get your horse comfortable with the Garrocha Pole movements before you try it from the back. The DVD also shows a horse that is not comfortable with the garrocha pole at first. It gave me an idea of what to expect and how to help my horse through. It has helped my horse's confidence and mine, my leg work has improved and my horse has become suppler from this art. While my little Spotted Saddle Horse does not have the movement of an Andalusian, he can be just as graceful as one when he is working with the Garrocha. I would recommend this DVD to anyone. 

Doma Vaquera This is an excellent DVD for anyone that wants a step-by-step introduction into the art of the Garrocha. The camera work and sound are very professional and it is enjoyable as well as informative to watch. I use the garrocha and related exercises for my own horses and have found them to be extremely effective in developing the communication needed for all kinds of equitation. I highly recommend this to anyone wishing to develop a good basic bond with his or her horse no matter what the breed. Lots of information!

More Than a Horseman

Tom Dorrance More Than a Horseman

by Margaret Dorrance and John Saint Ryan

This book is a collection of essays and stories, which not only reflect the admiration and respect for Tom Dorrance, but also give clues and direction to the many people who really want to develop their horsemanship skills.
You will find knowledgeable horse people from many disciplines and a wide variety of experience sharing their ‘aha’ moments. Talking about how, despite many a struggle, with Toms’ guidance and with their own practice and determination, they could make incredible breakthroughs in understanding and communication with the horse.

Tom Dorrance
More Than a Horseman Hardcover Book


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Book Reviews from amazon . com:

Tom Dorrance - More Than a Horseman (Hardcover)
I bought this book for my husband who has not put it down. Any true horseman knows who Tom Dorrance is, should have a copy of this book. It not only retells the stories from Tom's students but teaches you through those stories on how to be a better horseman or woman. A truly excellent purchase.
This book would be of great interest to any horse owner or rider, of any level. It would be equally interesting I imagine to the general public who enjoys reading about the life of a great horse trainer and teacher, whose lessons for the horse owner, apply to all areas of life. Margaret Dorrance and John Saint Ryan have given us a treasure. I intend to purchase more copies for my friends and family as it's just too good to be missed !