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"Let's be perfectly frank and honest with ourselves regarding our relationship with any horse. When you finish your ride and you get down from the saddle, it isn't the people who watched you ride, the officials at some event or exhibition who have any right to judge you. The real thing that matters, the true judge of your ability as a horseman is standing next to you. It is the horse who will tell you by his expression, his body and the look in his eye if you have helped him. If you showed him how he can be better and if you have a partner in this dance." JSR

When it’s too hot to ride you can take some time to discover and learn more about horses with this special offer available through August.

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Tom Dorrance 
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Art of the Garrocha
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Read More about Tom Dorrance, the man who had such a tremendous influence on John Saint Ryan here in this book co-authored with Margaret Dorrance

Tom Dorrance More Than a Horseman


And then watch as John employs these gentle but effective training methods in his Instructional DVD

The Art of The Garrocha


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